my favourite book

My favorite is the 78-story tree house it is about two friends and they built a thirteen story tree house and each book they add thirteen stores to it they are up to 117 so it has been going for a long time. The 78-story tree house is about Terry and Andy are opening a movie and spy cow are spying on them and try to find what the movie is about.Image result for 78 story treehouse

100 word changeling

There was a little boy called Frank. When he was older he wanted to be an FBI agent. He had a brother, they played spy’s around the house with lasers guns.  Frank always lost but he did not care he just kept on trying. When he was 18 he went to the FBI tryouts he was the best in the group. When he was on his first secret mission he was on B50 bomber and he and others  jumped out to ambush the enemy and they lost. He said the biggest mistake was that “we took no notice of the sign”.

Whale sharks

Whale sharks are gray brown with white spots and vertical and horizontal stripes. It has two dorsal fins, one on the tail and the other on the back. Its head looks flat and their eyes are little. It’s underside is whitish.


They live in the tropic seas and they can dive to 1,800 meters deep.

They migrate to find food frequently. They are often found in the Atlantic ocean.


Whale sharks will produce eggs which hatch inside the females which give birth to 300 Whale sharks. 


They eat plankton, copepods, krill, fish eggs, christmas island red crab larvae and nektonic live like small fish or squid. They eat about 26kg of plankton a day. They eat 30% of what they weigh a day. 


Whale sharks are filter feeders – that means they open their mouth like a big circular hole and it swims up to its prey and opens it. When it has enough in its mouth it shuts it and this is when the filter system starts. It pumps the water out through its gills and it eats the fish.


Perseverance is when you are stuck on a question or problem that is tricky, you can persevere and try it again and  again until you get it right. Say the teacher gives you a math problem and you do not know the answer you  can get what you are  trying to do and slow your self down and look over it and try again and again.

100 word challenge

Once upon a time there was a little boy who lived in an old tattered house. Because he was feeling really sad he sang a song about a giraffe wearing a pink suit. After a long day at school he felt tired so he started walking  home slowly. On the way home home he got jumped by the local bullies, it was painful, soon he was covered in bruises, and he started to sing his song. When he got home he went and sat on his bed, his mum yelled out go play in the yard, Then he found a…

My favourite childhood memory

When I was little we went to Invercargill we stayed at a motel. We all went to see the tuataras and I was calling them dragons and mum and dad where laughing.  that the motel there was a pool so we went swimming we were trying to clime on dad in the water it was quite deep.






Where I’m From

(inspired by George Ella Lyon)                        

I am  from paddocks                                       I am from the fresh home 

of gold crops, the sound                                  cooking (that smells terrific)

of the cows mooing and                                   I am from the rolling hills, the 

of farm machinery. I am                                    hot summers and the strong 

from sitting in the combine                                southerly winds.

and watching the crop going

in the front of the combine

And the seed going in the


Hi world

Hi there,

I live in New Zealand – North Otago

I am 11 

I live on a farm  and I like going in the combine and helping around the farm

I live  on a beef and cropping farm

I  have 1 sister a and a mum and dad

When I am not on the farm or at school I am in in the lake our on my kayak in Twizel.

I also like going on my go-kart