driving the tractor

In the holidays me and my dad were I the tractor braking up the cow poo so the grass can grow though it. Dad had done most of the paddock and there was a triangle left. Then he put me in the drivers set and tolled me what to do and I finished the paddock he tolled me to drive around the paddock and find the bits that needed done again. It was so fun to drive the tractor around the paddock and do a job in the tractor too.

Who my hero is

A famous person that is my hero is Richie Mccaw because he is great at getting over the ball and good at stealing it. He also gets lots of turn overs. He is my hero  because I want to be like him stealing the ball, turning it over, be a explosive run, powerful player and play for the all blacks.


curling and ice skating

Last Friday we went to Dunedin and we went ice skating and curling. When we got there I was excited to do it. we had morning tea then we went and got our broom for curling then we went on the ice it was slippy to start thin it got better. It was fun pushing the stone down the ice to the target I got better at it as I did it more. 


After lunch we went ice skating at first I was fulling over every two to three metres because it was my first time. But I got a polar bear and it  helped me to stand up on the skates and how to push to move fords. After a while I tried with out the polar bear I still fell over but I did not all of the time. My high score was ten times around the ice hockey field with out fulling over.

That was the year seven and eight ice skating and curling tripe.  


my weekend

This weekend Me and my family went to Twizel and I spread some lime on the the lawn with the side by side and a lime spreader. It was fun being able to go and do it.

When we got home  me and my sister made a pine cone box to hold pine cones. it is big enough for use to fit in.

tech term 3

This term for I have been doing digitech at OIS in Oamaru. I made a 3D printed key ring that looks like a flat deck tipper trailer and it is orange. It is made up from 13 different; rectangles, triangles and cylinders.

The other things we made/did were make our own music. After that we made robots, we had to program them to go round tracks, Liam and I were together we made the hard robot and we were the first team to get it round the track. Then we had to do a marble run that represents what a computer does inside.

I conclusion it was a very fun week and I learn how to; 3D print, make my own music, how  a computer works and how to program a robot.

learning conferences

last week we had learning conferences. learning conferences are when you, your parents and your teacher have a talk how you are going at school in your learning what you need to improve on in class one thing I was proud of was how I am getting  more work done and at a higher level of quality. What I need to improve is reading word for word and think I said it when I have not.

what I did in the week end going to the rugby

This week end me and my family and my grain went to the rugby in Dunedin. the game was the highlanders (my favourite team) vs the blues.  It was a nice day and it was warm in the covered stadium. Some of you that are reading this will not know what rugby is rugby is when you have a oval ball and you have to get it to the other side of the field,  while the other team is trying to tackle you to the ground our hold you up to make a maul. You have to pass the ball back words and you can pick it up and kick it and you can’t go of side. The game was a exciting game most of the play was at the other end of the field from where we were sitting. the blues won but it was a good game to watch. That was my week end.


my winter holidays

These  holidays we went to Christchurch to dress smart and we saw our cousins and we did  a lot of shopping and we also went to the scholastic book sale and got a lot of good books from there. We also went  to Twizel to our holiday house there was a hoarfrost and every where was white it was very cold



Term Two Review

This term we started flexi time witch is when the teacher sets activity you have to do between morning  tea and lunch time and you can chose what to do when. I have also in proved in my reading because it is getting more fluent and I can read faster. I have also like doing tech because I have liked cooking food and knowing if food is cooked.  I think I could have dun better at my spelling and know more word and how to spell more and be able to cheek my work a lot better by rereading it.