100 word chalinge

Once upon a time there was a dog. He was once a old mans dog but he past-away so the dog was left alone. One day there was a family that went to the river and they saw him and he came up to them and they look for a name tag but he didn’t have one. So they took him home and named him hunter and he became the farm dog he became very good at getting the sheep and cows in so they decided to Keep him and one day he was given to one of the kids.

getting back to normal

In the weekend me and my family went to town and look in shop it was nice because before lock down we went to town once a week and being lock down for 8 weeks and not going any where so it was nice.


    stuck at home for ages

     aloud to go to town now

        school back again yay!

my place

My place:

Is not quiet,it is always busy.

The Magpies warble and scream in

the trees at one another, while the 

Oystercatchers squawk in the background.

The roaring of engines and grinding of 

gears tell me trucks are trying to get 

up the hill to the Limeworks.

The bulls in the house paddock munching on green

 grass occasionally stopping to bellow at each other.

The clashing of chains on a truck and trailer tells 

me a digger is here to work. The tracks of the digger 

thudding and rumbling when they hit the ground, 

while buckets clang on stones as it later digs.

Another day is just beginning 

at my place.

100 word challenge

One night a little boy was walking along the beach to find somewhere to hide for hide and seek. He saw this old rotten and near falling tree.  He thought it would be a good place to hide. He climbed under the old roots and waited for his brother to find him. While he was waiting he heard a noise, like a person yelling. He soon realised it was his brother so he went to look for him. Quickly he was at the other side of the beach, but the sound was now behind him – we disappeared into the night…..