Term Two Review

This term we started flexi time witch is when the teacher sets activity you have to do between morning  tea and lunch time and you can chose what to do when. I have also in proved in my reading because it is getting more fluent and I can read faster. I have also like doing tech because I have liked cooking food and knowing if food is cooked.  I think I could have dun better at my spelling and know more word and how to spell more and be able to cheek my work a lot better by rereading it.




How I long to see the shimmery ripples on the edge of the lake.

How I long to feel the sun 

and it’s a warm blanket around me.

How I long to experience the extensive summer holidays. 

How I long to feel the long summer days, with their extended time to play in the sun.

Oh, Summer 

Where are you?

Please stop the gloomy weather of winter and make me happy again.

By Will


In winter it is a time to relax because it is cold out side and it is warm in side. I like winter because it is fun getting the wood for the fire and spiting it and put it in the fire and sit around the fire. Also in winter I like playing rugby because it is excellent fun and it is good exercise. Another point is it is a time I get to help dad feed the cows and help more around the farm.

the water cycle

The water cycle is the key thing in this world, because the water would be in the sea and you could not farm because there would be no rain to water the paddocks, so you would have no grass. Without water there would be no food and no water to drink it because it would be salt. Most people get water out of the tap  and when you fill your glass that water could have been the same water that a  dinosaur drank.