In winter it is a time to relax because it is cold out side and it is warm in side. I like winter because it is fun getting the wood for the fire and spiting it and put it in the fire and sit around the fire. Also in winter I like playing rugby because it is excellent fun and it is good exercise. Another point is it is a time I get to help dad feed the cows and help more around the farm.

3 thoughts on “winter”

  1. I also like sitting around the fire – that’s really neat that you get to help your dad more in winter, I bet he appreciates that too.

  2. Hi Will,
    I like how you describe all the great things about winter.
    Have you noticed that in the second sentence there is three ‘and’s, it just doesn’t flow that nicely.
    Next time, maybe describe why you like doing all the things you like about winter.

    -Lucas, OIS
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