curling and ice skating

Last Friday we went to Dunedin and we went ice skating and curling. When we got there I was excited to do it. we had morning tea then we went and got our broom for curling then we went on the ice it was slippy to start thin it got better. It was fun pushing the stone down the ice to the target I got better at it as I did it more. 


After lunch we went ice skating at first I was fulling over every two to three metres because it was my first time. But I got a polar bear and it  helped me to stand up on the skates and how to push to move fords. After a while I tried with out the polar bear I still fell over but I did not all of the time. My high score was ten times around the ice hockey field with out fulling over.

That was the year seven and eight ice skating and curling tripe.  


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