Camp writing

The cracking of the campfire filled the air and the smoke floated up like it was lighter than air, the sky was orange and slowly fading away. All of the parents, students and three instructors were there, sitting in a moon shaped coliseum around the roaring fire while we sang folk songs. It was terribly funny when we made household objects and furniture and they made sounds when one of the instructors went round their fake house. The smores were great when we let the marshmallow go on fire and get black and squishy and when we put them between the chocolate bottom biscuits and the melted chocolate. It was so good. We also played charades and there was a log they did there charades on and we said it was a toilet. On the way back to the cabins we had to do a conga line back through the trees in the dark while we saw flashes of light once and a while in the thick undergrowth. Which was Waitaki Valley School playing spotlight on the last day of camp.





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